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For Pregnancy
❍ maternity clothes (casual & evening)❍ maternity bras❍ sleeping bras❍ nightwear❍ maternity swimwear❍ maternity underwear❍ pregnancy support belt❍ pants expander❍ sleep support pillow❍ stretch mark cream❍ pregnancy journal❍ pregnancy book❍ baby names book

To Do
❍ have a baby shower❍ arrange a baby gift registry❍ prepare for baby’s arrival (see our Prepare for Baby Checklist)❍ pack for hospital (see our Hospital Checklist)

Hospital Checklist For Mum
❍ hospital bag❍ nightwear❍ dressing gown❍ slippers / thongs❍ maternity pads ❍ maternity bras❍ breast pads❍ underwear❍ toiletries❍ tissues❍ hairbrush & hairdryer❍ toothbrush & toothpaste❍ towel & face cloth❍ massage oil / relaxation products❍ support pillow❍ heat pack / water bottle❍ birth plan❍ ipod / music & charger❍ books / magazines❍ comfortable clothes for going home❍ shoes❍ blood group card❍ Medicare or health insurance card

For Support Person
❍ phone & charger❍ list of people to SMS / email❍ camera and battery charger❍ video camera❍ swimwear and towel for bath and shower

For Baby
❍ nappy bag❍ nappies❍ gentle wipes❍ baby wash❍ cotton wool balls❍ baby blanket❍ bunny rugs / wraps❍ singlets❍ bodysuits❍ gro-suits / nighties❍ hat / beanie❍ socks / booties❍ mittens❍ capsule (0‐6 months)❍ convertible car seat (approx 0‐4 years)

Prepare for Baby Checklist

❍ cot / bassinet❍ mattress❍ mattress protector❍ sheets❍ baby sleeping bags / swaddles❍ quilt / blankets❍ change table & mat❍ dresser / drawers❍ wardrobe & hangers❍ nappy stacker❍ room thermometer❍ baby monitor❍ musical mobile❍ nightlight❍ nursing chair❍ toy box❍ baby sleep book

❍ pram / stroller❍ pram blanket❍ pram rain cover / UV cover❍ pram liner❍ cocoon❍ stroller toys❍ capsule (0-6 months)❍ convertible car seat (approx 0-4 years)❍ extension straps❍ car seat toys❍ head support❍ car window shade❍ rearward facing mirror❍ portacot❍ nappy bag (with all the essentials)


❍ baby bath❍ bath stand❍ baby nail scissors❍ baby brush & comb❍ non-slip bath mat❍ bath thermometer❍ bath toys❍ bath support❍ baby towels❍ sponge & face cloth❍ baby toiletries (shampoo / lotion / talc-free powder)

❍ changing mat❍ nappy disposal system & refills❍ nappies❍ nappy pins❍ nappy sacks & wipes❍ nappy liners❍ nappy pail❍ nappy cream❍ cotton balls❍ talc-free powder

Nursing & Feeding Breastfeeding
❍ nursing bras❍ nursing top❍ breast feeding cloak❍ breast pads❍ breastfeeding support pillow❍ muslin squares❍ breast pump❍ breast milk storage bags❍ bottles❍ steriliser❍ soothers / dummies❍ nipple cream❍ nipple shields

Bottle Feeding
❍ bottles❍ formula❍ teats❍ steriliser❍ bottle brush❍ bottle warmer❍ bottle carrier❍ bibs❍ muslin squares❍ soothers / dummies

Weaning (6 months+)
❍ high chair ❍ high chair toys ❍ messy mat❍ bumbo baby seat❍ bowls❍ cutlery set❍ training cups❍ portable feeding set / utensils❍ soothing teethers❍ tooth brush & gum massages

Baby Clothes

Newborn to 3 months
❍ newborn clothing starter set❍ bodysuit❍ sleep suits❍ daywear outfits❍ cardigans❍ jacket❍ booties❍ singlets❍ sun hat❍ cotton hat / beanie❍ socks❍ mittens


Newborn to 6 months
❍ pram toys❍ bath toys❍ cot toys❍ baby gym❍ play mat❍ activity toys ❍ cuddly toys❍ rattles❍ baby books❍ bouncer / rocker❍ baby swing

6 – 9 months
❍ walker❍ playpen❍ infant jumper❍ infant support seat

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