Flokati Rug Snow White Wool 1200gsm


The Flokati Rug Collection Oozes Class and Luxury.

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The Flokati Rug Collection Oozes Class and Luxury.

Hand Woven from 100% Natural Wool – Its Classic Texture and Warmth instantly transforms your room into a place of leisure.

The cushioned look and feel under foot will draw you down from your sofa as you embrace its characteristic woolen softness.

All Rug deliveries are given authority to leave with the courier to prevent re-delivery fees and we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes / Parcel Lockers

Basic Care

Once you receive your Flokati Rug it will arrive flattened from packaging. We strongly recommend that you give the rug a good shaking once you receive it.

Use a simple garden rake (preferably wood or plastic) and gently raking over the wool (from the bottom up) will fluff the Flokati. You will find that some of the fine wool will get caught in the rake. This is normal, and is not harmful to your Flokati Rug.

Repeat above whenever you feel it needs it (usually once every month or two).


The cleaning process for your Flokati Rug is simple. The Flokati should be shaken outdoors periodically to remove dust. You may wash the rug with mild / weak detergent. You must avoid washing your Flokati Rug in high water temperatures, chlorine bleach as well as dry cleaning. Not avoiding the above will destroy the protective fiber content of the wool.

For small sized rugs you may put them in your washing machine and wash on the Gentle Cycle, then air dry.

Larger rugs require washing and rinsing in a bath or handing over a fence / other fixed structure to hand wash and hose clean.


When vacuuming the Flokati, do not run the vacuum over the Flokati because the strands will get caught in the rotating brush. Use the suction head of the vacuum (one without a rotating brush).

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Snow Wool 1200gsm

120cm x 180cm, 180cm x 240cm, 240cm x 340cm, 60cm x 120cm


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