Uv-Lite Travel Den


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Perfect for busy parents on the go! The UV-Lite Travel Den is lightweight, quick to assemble and comes complete with a convenient travel bag for portability and easy storage!

  • Super lightweight
  • Excellent visibility for parents through mesh sides
  • Water resistant floor
  • Easy to set up and pack down
  • Compact for storage and transport
  • This is a playpen for your child and not be promoted as a sleeping device
  • Carry bag included
  • Age Suitability6 – 24 months
  • Carton Weight5.9 kgs
  • Hardgood MaterialSteel & Plastic
  • Softgoods MaterialPolyester & Nylon
  • Weight5 kgs
  • Weight Limit13 kgs

    Travel Cot
    No matter what your original sleeping arrangements are, it pays to be prepared. A portable cot or bassinet could be the answer to those restless nights when you need to be beside your child, or when you need to put down bub at daily visits to family or friends. Be ready for anything with additional travel cot features such as changing tables, bassinet mode and play pen conversions.

    Folding cots are collapsible and portable sleeping enclosures designed for use with infants and babies. These cots have raised sides and ends and a base. Folding cots are intended for temporary use. They are also known as portable cots, travel cots or portacots. Children can suffer serious injuries if they fall when trying to climb out of the cot using footholds or objects left in the cot. If there are gaps in the cot created by ill-fitting or additional mattresses, infants can roll into the gaps, become trapped and suffocate. Infants can also become trapped and strangled if cots accidentally collapse when they are not correctly assembled and locked into place.


    • Folding cots should only be used as temporary sleeping facilities. They are not suitable for long term sleeping arrangements. Because these cots are fold able and transportable, they are subject to more wear and tear and are generally less robust than permanent sleeping enclosures such as household cots.


    • As they are designed to be unfolded and folded frequently, always check folding cots to make sure they are safely assembled and that locking mechanisms are secure. If cots collapse they can trap and strangle infants.
    • Never leave accessories, such as change tables or bassinette inserts, in cots while children are in there. Children have become trapped in these.


    • As a parent or carer, always be aware of the development levels of your children to determine whether they can climb out of a cot. Children who can stand confidently in a cot, shake the sides and ends and attempt to climb are usually ready for a low bed or a toddler bed. This can prevent falls out of the folding cot.

Sharing is caring!


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